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Contemplating the World at Large: A blog about nature and surrounding yourself with calming things.

Life happens in the most unexpected moments and often those special moments are lost when the chaos of life takes us away. We want to help you remember those beautiful, simple moments by keeping you connected to nature, even in the city. Because it is these little moments that make life worth living.

Hi there!
My name is Rosie, and I'm the founder of Joie Designs.

We're a jewelry company that believes in creating a little more peace, even when life feels chaotic. Our mission is to help you find calmness through nature—with minimalist timeless jewelry designs that remind you of your favorite places or even just help you escape for a few minutes into your own thoughts.

We believe that when we slow down and connect with our surroundings, we can create positive change in our lives. We want to help you be inspired by all the beauty that surrounds us every day so that you can live more simply and happily.

Born from the love of nature, Joie Designs is a Coastal lifestyle inspired jewellery collection that captures the beauty found in nature and brings it into everyday life. The inspiration behind all our designs comes from the West Coast beauty that surrounds us. With a minimalist timeless elevated casual style, our goal is to spread a little extra happiness through personal, meaningful jewelry that adds a little extra sparkle to your look and elevates your everyday style.

Stress seems to melt away when I'm playing in the mountains, relaxing near the ocean, or walking through the forest. Those precious places that allow you to peacefully contemplate are the main themes of our nature jewelry collections:

  • She Moves Mountains
  • By the Seashore
  • Rain and Forest
  • Forest for the Trees
  • Sea to Sky
  • Bees and Blossoms

We believe in taking time to contemplate your place in the world at large—and then finding a way to bring nature into your everyday life. So whether it's a piece of jewelry or a collection of small mementos from your travels, we hope our pieces will help you find calm amidst all the chaos—and give you something beautiful to hold onto when it all gets too much.

I launched Joie Designs in 2021 as my full-time business as a way to spend more time with my kids and escape a toxic work environment, it was my escape when life got to be too much. I created Joie Designs to bring beauty from nature into our everyday lives. Working in a high-stress environment, I sought ways to quickly connect to my happy places, to help bring calm into the chaos I felt at work. My two self-soothing techniques have always been escaping into nature and creating.

That's why Joie Designs was born: to make beautiful jewelry that reminds people of their favorite places so they can carry those memories with them wherever they go.

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