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Jewellery Care Tips

Joie Jewellery is 925 sterling silver, and may be plated in yellow or rose gold. Proper care of your jewellery will help keep your jewellery looking it's best:

♥ Silver can tarnish or darken when exposed to air and light over periods of time, and in some cases by your skin's PH. Limit exposure to air, humidity and sunlight when not wearing.

♥ Goldplating does not handle rough exposure well and can fade and tarnish over time

♥ Your jewellery should be removed when: Bathing or swimming; Applying lotions, creams, hairspray and perfumes; When using cleaning products.

♥For Gold Plated Jewelry, use mild soap and water and gently buff with the provided bag to bring back it's shine.

♥ Gently remove tarnish from your Silver jewellery using a soft jewellery cleaning cloth such as the polish cloths we sell.

♥ Store dry jewellery seperately in a bag and closed environment to avoid scratches and tarnish. Do not store when wet

We hope you love your new Joie Designs jewellery as much as we loved creating these special pieces. Should you have any questions or concerns we'd love to hear from you.

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