Jewelry Care Guide

A little love and care will go a long way will help ensure your jewellery keeps it's sparkle!

Precious metals can tarnish or darken when exposed to air and light over periods of time, and in some cases by your skin's PH. Limit exposure to air, humidity and sunlight when not wearing.

Joie Designs jewellery is 925 sterling silver and comes plated rhodium, fine silver to prevent tarnish or 18k gold for additional colour and style options.

Gold-plated sterling silver is known as vermeil, it is an affordable alternative to solid gold, costs only about 5% of the same solid 18k gold piece, and does require a little extra care


The following care guidelines will help keep your jewelry looking its best for many years to come:

♥ Your jewellery should be removed when: Sleeping, bathing, swimming, applying lotions, creams, hairspray and perfumes or when using cleaning products.

Remove tarnish from silver jewellery using a soft jewellery cleaning cloth specifically for silver (we sell these online).

♥ Gold-plating does not handle rough exposure well and can fade and tarnish over time, please handle with extra care.

♥ Mild soap and water is best for cleaning gold-plated jewelry and for removing fingerprints/oils.

The provided bag or our Joie chamois (best for gold plating) can be used to dry your jewellery or gently wipe jewellery after wearing.

♥ Always store jewellery completely dry, store separately in the supplied bag in a dry environment such as a bedroom drawer. Do not store in bathroom!

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