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Nurturing the Beauty of Resin Jewelry: A Comprehensive Guide

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Embarking on the journey of crafting fine jewelry and caring for it took an unexpected and therapeutic turn in my life. The art of creating exquisite resin jewelry became a healing process for me after facing significant losses. Resin jewelry, often a mystery even to those with vast jewelry collections, emerged as a captivating and versatile medium, not only for my unique pieces but also within the broader realm of fine jewelry.

As I began crafting resin jewelry, it became clear that proper care and preservation of these cherished pieces were essential. In this comprehensive guide, I'll share valuable tips and insights on how to extend the lifespan of your resin jewelry and keep it looking impeccable through all of life's adventures. My journey into resin jewelry making may be relatively new, but my commitment to providing you with the best care information is unwavering.

Understanding Resin Jewelry

Each resin piece I create is a labor of love, featuring a blend of crushed mica minerals and vibrant pigments. These elements give your jewelry a soft sheen and a burst of color, making each piece a unique work of art. To ensure that your resin jewelry remains as beautiful as the day you acquired it, let's dive into the essential care instructions:

Caring for Resin Jewelry: What to Avoid

  1. UV Rays: Although my pieces are crafted with high-quality jewelry resin, they may still be affected by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. While natural sunlight may showcase your jewelry's brilliance, it's best to avoid leaving it exposed to the sun for extended periods.
  2. Extreme Heat: Resin can expand under high temperatures, potentially causing detachment from the metal settings. Protect your jewelry by avoiding exposure to heat sources like hairdryers, jacuzzis, or direct lighting.
  3. Temperature: Avoid exposing your jewelry to extreme heat or cold, as resin can become brittle in very low temperatures and may soften in high heat. Maintaining a moderate temperature environment will help preserve your jewelry.
  4. Sharp or Abrasive Objects: To prevent scratches on the resin surface, take care to avoid contact with sharp or abrasive items, including other jewelry pieces, keys, or hard surfaces. Remove your jewelry before engaging in activities that could pose a risk.
  5. Fragrances & Harsh Chemicals: The chemicals found in lotions, perfumes, shampoos, and soaps can dull or discolor the resin. Apply these products before wearing your jewelry or after removing it. Be especially cautious around aggressive substances such as cigarette smoke, cleaning agents, and alcohol-based products.

Care, Cleaning, and Storage

Now that we've covered what to avoid, let's explore the best practices for caring for your resin jewelry:

Cleaning: To maintain your jewelry's luster without damaging it, use water and a mild soap sparingly. Ensure thorough rinsing to remove any soap residue before wearing your piece again.

Tarnish Removal: Sterling silver may naturally tarnish due to exposure to oxygen, water, and individual skin chemistry. Use a polishing pad or cloth to remove tarnish from the metal components, avoiding contact with the resin. While rare, 14K gold can tarnish, but it usually appears as a darkening of the metal and is less severe than tarnish on sterling silver. To assist in care, I provide anti-tarnish bags and a polishing pad with every order.

Storage: Each piece comes with a thoughtful touch—a storage bag that also doubles as a chamois/soft cloth. Use this bag to store and protect your jewelry from dust, tarnish and scratches. Store your jewelry in this bag in a cool, dark, and dry area (Clothing or nightstand drawer is a great spot).

I recommend removing your jewelry when showering, sleeping, or engaging in strenuous activities.


Resin jewelry, from its creation to presentation and wear, should be cherished with respect, joy, and love. My journey into crafting these wearable art pieces has been a healing one, and I've poured my heart into ensuring that each piece is a work of art. While I take every measure to avoid discoloration, scratching, and tarnishing, it's up to you to see to its care once it's in your hands. Please feel free to wear your jewelry and remember the information provided here to keep it looking as radiant as the day you acquired it, preserving its beauty for a lifetime of delightful moments.

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