Materials and Processes

“Feels like just yesterday I was in my home studio hand-cutting and constructing every piece of jewellery with my own two hands.” - Rosie

 Thanks to our valued customers, Joie Designs has grown quite a bit since first starting out in Rosie’s home studio. We now use molds, CAD technology, and lost wax casting techniques for reproduction. Still, every modern minimalist piece is designed with careful attention to detail and finished in Courtenay, BC. They continue to be made by hand in small batches.

 Of course, as our business has grown, so has our need for more hands to produce our handmade products. By subcontracting several talented artisans (including a husband-and-wife team in Jaipur, an entrepreneur in Thailand, and a local casting house in Vancouver), we’re able to keep up with supply and demand much more efficiently. Living wages, working conditions, and quality of life are all important factors when we source our contractors. We also pay generously… because we know that makes all the difference!

 The caliber of our metals makes a difference, too. That’s why our jewellery is always nickel-free. And every piece is real 925 sterling silver. It’s then typically plated in fine silver, rhodium, 18k rose gold, or 18k yellow gold. Join Designs only uses high-quality fine metals, so you’ll never worry about base metals being next to your skin, even if the plating may wear off. We regularly send our jewellery to third-party independent laboratories for testing as well–just to be extra certain!

 Finally, in an effort to reduce waste whenever possible, all our scraps and bench sweeps get taken to a Canadian refinery for recycling. Plus, our jewellery cards are made from 70% post-consumer recycled paper, and our packaging is recyclable, too. And that’s just the beginning of our vision to make a positive impact in the world…