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Citrine (quartz) Dangle Earrings

Citrine (quartz) Dangle Earrings


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Offering up an unmistakably unique pair of Dangle Earrings - complete with tarnish-resistant silver, raw uncut citrine gemstones, and a whimsical garden floral design - these beauties are truly one of a kind!


  • Measurements: Approximately 31mm x 7mm, hung on French ear wires
  • Natural raw uncut gemstones
  • Come with secure silicone backing
  • Packaged in a chamois gift bag with a care guide enclosed
  • tarnish resistant 925 sterling silver



Our jewelry is thoughtfully designed on Vancouver Island, BC, and meticulously handcrafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality

Vancouver Island British Columbia

All our pieces are designed and assembled with care right here on the island.

At Joie Designs, we infuse the laid-back West Coast lifestyle with a touch of nature's elegance. Our handcrafted jewelry, made with precious metals and natural gemstones, embodies laid-back luxury and the coastal lifestyle.

Our designs encompass the mountains, forest, and beach, reflecting everything you love about the West Coast. Discover elegance rooted in nature – you're bound to find something you love

Made with 100% Precious Metals

All of our jewelry is made with 100% precious metal and is always nickel free. All our jewelry is cast in 925 sterling silver and comes with three colour and plating options:

Tarnish resistant silver plated in rhodium or fine silver is very durable and perfect for everyday wear.

Gold vermeil: 18k rose or 18k yellow gold plated on sterling silver. Gold plated silver is an affordable alternative to solid gold that does require little extra care. A care guide is provided with every item purchased and can also be found here

While we take pride in the quality of materials used in our jewelry, including being nickel-free and hypoallergenic, we must emphasize that we cannot ensure an allergy-free experience for every individual. Allergic reactions can vary based on personal sensitivities, and unfortunately, this is beyond our control.

Allergies and reactions to metals are not eligible for refunds.

Heirloom quality solid 14k and 18k gold is available by custom order, please enquire about pricing.

Free Shipping Options & Easy Returns

Shipping Policy

1. We offer 3 types of Local Canada Post Shipping:

  1. Free regular un-tracked mail
  2. Discounted expedited with tracking
  3. Express with tracking.

2. We Offer flat rate USA shipping and International Shipping Options:

  1. USPS Tracked Parcel Mail
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If you are short of time please choose the Express shipping options, and we will prioritize your shipment.

3. Our handling time is up to 4 business days from the time of purchase, and is often quicker. We do our best to get it out the following day. Please note that we are closed on weekends and stat holidays, as is Canada Post.

4.  Please allow at least a week after you receive the shipping notification before contacting us to inquire about delivery times. If you choose express or expedited shipping, a tracking number will be provided.

Return Policy

Returns and Exchanges:

• Any unworn item in new condition can be returned within 30 days of purchase for full refund, exchange or credit.

• Items in new condition returned after 30 days will be given credit.

• The customer is responsible for shipping costs on returns and exchanges. The items can be shipped by your method of choice.

• Items that have been worn, and are in used condition will not be eligible for refunds or exchanges.


• All items should be free from manufacturers defects, and we will replace any defective items at no cost to the customer. please email us at to make arrangements

Gold plating:

• Gold plating does not handle rough exposure and can fade and tarnish over time, this is not covered under out defect policy. re-plating is available for a fee, dependent on the size of the piece. Please note that we do this out of house, and this can take up to several weeks.


While we take pride in the quality of materials used in our jewelry, including being nickel-free and hypoallergenic, we must emphasize that we cannot ensure an allergy-free experience for every individual. Allergic reactions can vary based on personal sensitivities, and unfortunately, this is beyond our control.

Allergies and reactions to metals are not eligible for refunds.

Jewelry Care Guide

A little love and care will go a long way will help ensure your jewellery keeps it's sparkle!

Precious metals can tarnish or darken when exposed to air and light over periods of time, and in some cases by your skin's PH. Limit exposure to air, humidity and sunlight when not wearing.

Joie Designs jewellery is 925 sterling silver and comes plated rhodium, fine silver to prevent tarnish or 18k gold for additional colour and style options.

Gold-plated sterling silver is known as vermeil, it is an affordable alternative to solid gold, costs only about 5% of the same solid 18k gold piece, and does require a little extra care


The following care guidelines will help keep all your jewelry looking its best for many years to come:

♥ Your jewellery should be removed when: Sleeping, bathing, swimming, applying lotions, creams, hairspray and perfumes or when using cleaning products.

Remove tarnish from silver jewellery using a soft jewellery cleaning cloth specifically for silver (we sell these online).

♥ Gold-plating does not handle rough exposure well and can fade and tarnish over time, please handle with extra care.

♥ Mild soap and water is best for cleaning gold-plated jewelry and for removing fingerprints/oils.

The provided bag or our Joie chamois (best for gold plating) can be used to dry your jewellery or gently wipe jewellery after wearing.

♥ Always store jewellery completely dry, store separately in the supplied bag in a dry environment such as a bedroom drawer. Do not store in bathroom!


Nurturing the Beauty of Resin Jewelry

What to Avoid

UV Rays: Although my pieces are crafted with high-quality jewelry resin, they may still be affected by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. While natural sunlight may showcase your jewelry's brilliance, it's best to avoid leaving it exposed to the sun for extended periods.
Extreme Heat: Resin can expand under high temperatures, potentially causing detachment from the metal settings. Protect your jewelry by avoiding exposure to heat sources like hairdryers, jacuzzis, or direct lighting.
Temperature: Avoid exposing your jewelry to extreme heat or cold, as resin can become brittle in very low temperatures and may soften in high heat. Maintaining a moderate temperature environment will help preserve your jewelry.
Sharp or Abrasive Objects: To prevent scratches on the resin surface, take care to avoid contact with sharp or abrasive items, including other jewelry pieces, keys, or hard surfaces. Remove your jewelry before engaging in activities that could pose a risk.
 Fragrances & Harsh Chemicals: The chemicals found in lotions, perfumes, shampoos, and soaps can dull or discolor the resin. Apply these products before wearing your jewelry or after removing it. Be especially cautious around aggressive substances such as cigarette smoke, cleaning agents, and alcohol-based products.


I've poured my heart into ensuring that each piece is a work of art. While I take every measure to avoid discoloration, scratching, and tarnishing, it's up to you to see to its care once it's in your hands. Please feel free to wear your jewelry and remember the information provided here to keep it looking as radiant as the day you acquired it, preserving its beauty for a lifetime of delightful moments.

  • Tarnish Resistant Silver
  • Complimentary Enclosure Cards
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    We want to make sure you love your jewelry. That's why we offer exchanges and returns on new items within 30 days. Please see our Shipping and Returns guidelines and Refund Policies for full details.

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